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A high school or college "scholar athlete", usually male, who plays football or other high profile sport(s), and is severely deficient in any academic pursuits. Jocktard is conjugated from jock and retard, referring to the popularity of the student and his underlying lack of mental capabilities. These people are usually in special ed or remediation classes, not due to diagnosed handicap, but to insure they are eligible to play. They often have violent tendencies, including threatening death to non-jocktards that are unimpressed by their physical achievements. Noted enemies of hippies, emo kids, and bandies.
Jocktard Cody-(to student) "all i know is u better not come home...u faggot ass bitch."
Sister of student, now ROFL-"all i know is...he summed it up right there.
by saracinis November 27, 2007
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A sports fan who's entire world revolves around a professional sports team. Spanish;Jockotardo
I cannot take it, all the jocktards at work are up in arms and pissed, over some fucking game their team lost. As if.
by Buster Honeycutt October 01, 2006
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