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The female equivalent of a jock. Both have the same personality and characteristics. Jocks and Jockettes usually tend to date each other, and both like to insult the less popular (although they get ripped a lot more than they rip us). See also Jock.
"Haha look at that jockette with her big solid jocky boyfriend, how gay do they look?"
by Kier14matrix April 11, 2005
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Basically a female variation of a Jock. They usually get all the boys, even though none of them are that hot. Most of them are stuck-up and either too damn bitchy or too sensitive. They only date jocks or else they instantly become not popular. Some of them are ok, but the vast majority are sluts who really won't get far in life. They always play either Lacrosse or Cheerleading (or both).
David: Hey man, you seen Lexi? Damn, she's hot!
Mikey: Nah man, she ain't, she's just a stuck-up Jockette.
by Mr. Top Hat October 02, 2010
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