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Someone who styles themselves after varsity /A&F inspired clothing for most of their adult gay life. These gays tend to be white, middle-class, males in their late 20s and 30s, and 40s and they completely idealize A&F, Franklin & Marshall, Hollister and other college varsity brands/labels. They believe these labels are the ultimate in fashion and social status. This ‘uniform’ denotes the inability of particular gay men to create their own fashion style or persona and this costume allows them to feel a false sense of style, masculinity or superiority over others in the gay community. This ‘drag’ is usually worn by younger gay men who have recently come out of the closet where it is somewhat acceptable to wear these fashions. Where it poses an issue is when older gay men cling to this image to hold onto their youth to remain or proclaim that they are indeed still relevant and sexually desirable. Once this style monopolizes their life completely and thus their style/persona is built around this A&F image or idea, it rarely changes as they move into their 30s or 40s. Jock Drag is a style that prevents the gay man from becoming cultured and/or able to move up the social latter.
"Look at that older gay guy and his A&F uniform!"
"Ya i know i hate it when gays were jock drag into their 30s"
by Arsondude August 06, 2008
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