Jobn't is the superior word to the peasant-like "job less".

The word is used to describe in immense detail when a typically humanoid life form no longer labours for their master/boss.

Unfortunately however, this beautiful word hasn't seen the light of day yet, it is extremely buried under several layers of shitty memes, but it is on a conquest to become apart of the well known "memer's" vocabulary.
Man (normie): Hey, did you hear the news about billy?
Whamen (memer): Whomst'd've?
Man: You know, billy...
Whamen: o billy, yee I heard he jobn't.
Man: Jobn't?? That's not a word.
Whamen: Oh fuck off you non intellectual piece of shit, you should of learned last time. I'm sick of constantly telling you normies what shit means, fucking learn.
by PiggyPiglet July 28, 2018
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