1) Joanna is the best person you'll ever meet. She hates fake friends, she will get over a broken friendship easily. 2)Joanna is a nice and beautiful person but can be a bad ass towards bitchy people and will throw 'shade' at people she doesn't like.
Joanna is a badass towards bitchy people.
by 💦Joanna Slays Bitches💦 November 26, 2017
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A woman whom you’ll fall in love with soon if not instantly after meeting her. Charismatic, hilariously funny, just a big ball of fun who’s so multifaceted, flawed, and complex yet disarming that you’ll be changed for the better forever. Women with this name never lack character or intelligence, and dominate when it comes to getting what they want!
Guy one: Hey why did you run through the streets last night, naked, with a spear, headband, bottle of vodka and NOTHING else? Screaming triumphantly while shouting?

Guy two: Brah! I talked to Joanna last night and I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow! No clothes required! Fuck ya!
by Eggingmyownhouse February 12, 2019
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She's the bestest friend you could ever hope for. She's kind, sweet, and caring. She's positive and never fails to make someone smile.
Joanna is such an amazing person!
by ah2021 April 30, 2019
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The girl is nice. She can joke around. She's tomboyish and girlyish at the same time. she likes to draw and quote something, and she might like boba and hamilton to.
Have you seen the girl shes a joanna
by meownoworbark March 24, 2018
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Her dad is a cholo/cowboy and her mom is in a biker club. Joanna is a complete badass just like both of her parents. Even though they are divorced, Joanna keeps on living life because nothing can get her down. Every guy always wants to hit her up but are too shy to. She is intimidating but the most beautiful girl in the world. Even though she might have a mental illness, this doesn't bring her down at all. This only adds to her awesome power and greatness. She is a total queen and dominates over everyone. Joanna always turns to god for answers and he always answers her prayers. She loves everyone but secretly will kill her enemies one day. Don't mess with her because she will fuck you up 100x worse, so be careful. She feels more than anyone else and thinks about a lot of things but never says anything. For all those Joanna's out there and all the other names, you are loved and cared for no matter what you think.
Damn, did you see the way Joanna looked today? Yeah, she looked like the first rose to ever bloom right after the flooding of the earth.
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by fundrum December 11, 2016
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Joanna is the most talented, intelligent, humble, kind hearted, and stunning woman you will ever meet.

Joanna will never see in herself what you see in her so needs plenty of love, but she’s worth the effort.

Joanna truly is one of a kind and shines brighter than the stars in the sky.

Joanna will love you fierce and always have your back. Joanna will always be baby.
Wow.... I need to get me a Joanna.

Joanna? I’ve heard she’s beautiful.
by Elloonn March 29, 2020
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