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A JoLynn is a kind of girl who is a pretty tall girl, JoLynns usually have blond hair and hazel or brown eyes. JoLynns can be shy at first but when you get to know them there very crazy! She is a very sweet girl but if you piss her off enough you better hide cause she is a badass when anybody messes with her or her friends. She is a very beautiful girl and can't be beaten by anyone with beauty cause she's gonna win! A JoLynn can be a very jealous type when it comes to you are flirting with her boy, she is very overprotective because she doesn't want to lose anyone she loves. A JoLynn is a very good friend and very trustworthy and don't like anyone who goes behind her back!! A JoLynn is also a very good person be around she is tons of fun and sometimes a bit crazy, you better keep her around!!
Damn Did you see that JoLynn she looks so cool today!
See that JoLynn shes my bestie! she will never let me down!
You better not mess with JoLynn boy she will beat your ass!
by JoLynn64 December 12, 2018
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A very loving and caring person. She will take your breathe away right when you lay eyes on her. She has a big heart so be careful with her, and never let her go cause you WILL regret it. She is everything someone is looking for and she will love you no matter what you do to her.
jolynn is the girl of my dreams
by funman279 May 05, 2019
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