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Jizzopoly was first created by the acient Persians. It is a type of sport where one uses his male reproductive organ to meditate with others while masturbating to calm music, frequently accompanied by the sounds of a wailing cat. The Persians used this sport as a way of meeting new villagers into their land. This sport is still played in parts of Turkey and Albania. Future plans have been determined for this sport to show up in the 2008 Olympics. National Teams are to be decided.

A highly complex set of rules has been written and forever documented as "Ye who Jizzes upon the Face of Man". It is leather bound and written in sperm. Females are not to be present while this sport is in action, however they are required for oral clean up afterwards.

> Contestants penis must be at least 5" long and 2" circumference.
> Wailing cats must be male and 30' from contestants.
>Women may not be present, until oral clean up begins.
"Hey, Bud. Want to join me in a game of Jizzopoly? I'll bring the cat, if you provide the oral clean-up!"
by Bobby Portsmith March 23, 2005
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