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The supreme lord of all that is and ever shall be. He is the pimp of all pimps, lord of all ladies, and must be referred to as The Jizzman. All ladies who come across him shall be smitten and all who cross him shall be smoten.
When the The Jizzman sleeps at night, he sleeps on a pile of money with lots of naked ladies. Jizzman, I am not worthy. Please have mercy on me Mr. Jizzman.
by Jizzman November 14, 2003
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A worthless pledge who enjoys consuming his own semen on a regular basis. Often brags about how awesome he is, but is in actuality a invaluable piece of shit.
Tell that fucking Jizzman to get me a beer.
by beaux flex February 07, 2011
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A man who loves to throw care packages to kill his friends. Is often a man who crys during sex, and apologizes to the biker gang when their finished with him
"dude you got your ass kicked!"

"well at least my ass wasnt as torn up as the Jizz-Man!"
by Bantasaur October 18, 2011
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