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Jizzism is a growth based solely on comedy. There are three founding fathers of Jizzism creating the trinity of Jizz, they are: Love, Hate and Gyrate.

The sole belief of Jizzism is that a person/being can do or say anything so long as it is funny and harms no other sentient being.

To Jizzist you must simply appreciate that comedy is a constant in the world and everything that happens can be laughed at, thus eliminating the need for violence. Then you must accept the Jizz all over your face.

Jizzism was created in the footsteps of the himalayas where the founding fathers gathered in the town of Dharamsala to create the growth. The only text created describing the foundations of Jizzism was lost enroute to Everest base camp in Nepal thus eliminating any record. This has led to the growth only spreading by word of mouth, however, it still spreads.
John: Your a twat...jizzism
by jizztits March 01, 2009
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