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The Jizzbrella is a group sexual activity and is a variant of a traditional bukkake. The Jizzbrella is customarily performed by a group of men on one to two females or a group of men on one to two males. The hallmark of the Jizzbrella is it's reference to jizz and brella meaning umbrella. In the act, one or two women or men center themselves on their knees and are then surrounded by a group of males. The number of men is unlimited. To simulate the umbrella effect, the one or two individuals in the middle then dawn shower caps over their heads ensuring that they are extended out around their heads as umbrella like as possible. The activity then commences to music to the best known 1952 musical film Singin' in the Rain in which Gene Kelly memorably danced to the song while splashing through puddles during a rainstorm. The circled males commence masturbation and one by one or multiples at a time, drop their jizz onto the participants' shower caps creating a deluge of semen that runs down the cap. When complete, there are puddles of semen around the floor and may be danced and played in for theatrical effect.
Rodney and Howard surprised their girlfriends by setting up a group sex event for them at a local hotel. After calling room service for some additional shower caps, the girls were encircled by a group of jizz loaded males who released their loads all over their caps creating a semen monsoon all to the happy soundtrack to Singing in the Rain. It was the best Jizzbrella the two had ever participated in.
by Ben Dribblin March 01, 2014
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