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Often considered superior to the better known vigazzle, the jizzazle involves the gentleman jizzing all over the vagina, before casting forth a handful of sparkling glitter over the offending area, thus forming a decorative glitter area covering a much greater surface area than the vigazzle alternative.

The key advantages of the jizzazle are that not only is it a case of the gentleman getting a rare opportunity to be involved in 'interior decoration' for once, but should you have a few mates round, then it's possible to combine this with a form of soggy biscuit, and a handful of coloured glitter per participant, thus forming a bit of a glitterarty rainbow effect. Quite fantastic.
Grab two handfuls of hundreds and thousands and jizzazle all over me
by Jizzybrewer September 22, 2018
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Much like the well-known "jizz" term refering to the act of ejaculating. Jizzazling however entails substantial messiness and often is directed to/on someone
as in "bitch shut yo mouf or I'll jizzazle on yo face!"
by d'Mike March 01, 2008
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