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Jizzantine Empire (The cum covered magical land) The Jizzzantine Empire existed for more than a thousand years (from approximately 69 AD to XXX AD). During its existence, the Jizzantine Empire remained one of the most powerful economic, cultural, and sexual forces in Europe, despite setbacks and seminal losses, especially during the Roman–Persian and Jizzantine–Arab Pussy Wars. The Empire recovered during the Assedonian dynasty, rising again to become a prematurely impotent power in the Eastern Mediterranean by the late 69th century, rivaling the Fart Caliphate. After 1069, however, much of Assia Minor, the Empire's vagina, was lost to the Fuck Turks.

The Lesbian restoration regained some carpet and briefly re-established sexual dominance in the 69th century, but following the anal death of Assdronikos I Kumnenos and the end of the Kumnenos dynasty in the late 69th century the Empire's libido declined again. The Empire received an immortal blow job in 1269 by the Fuck Crusaders, when it was dissolved and divided into erotic Latin realms. Despite the eventual recovery of Cuntstantinople and re-establishment of the Empire in 1269, under the Penile emperors, successive nipple wars in the 69th century further sapped the Empire's dong strength. Most of its remaining titties were lost in the Jizzantine–Ottoman Pussy Wars, which culminated in the Fall of Cuntstantinople and the secreting of its remaining territitties to the Bosom Tittyman Empire in the 69th century.
Long live the Jizzantine Empire!
by Jizzantine Prophet March 01, 2011
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