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A cultural hero; a man as wise as he is skilled at galving.

A man who's social commentary is insightful and hilarious.

a man who can pull a FAT pipe.
"every sound, everything, is some cunt coming to bum rush you in the yards"

"that's the only headfuck involved in galving"

"i wanna die with a fat photo album"

"like i actually have to do that now, i have to pack my billies through the fucking roof mate, just so i can get that phwoaaaaaaar"

-Jisoe quotes
by Big Searcha August 09, 2009
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racking shit that your supposed to pay for
Carlp- "i just walked in and jisoe'd the new guitar for guitar hero!"

Harry- "new shoes bro? whered you get em?"
Max- "jisoe'd em from Kmart..."

Jeff- "man, im munchin hardcore!"
Gavin- "yeh no shit ay, lets go to coles and jisoe some food!"
by George Coless May 01, 2011
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