A very popular Korean-based slang usually used to describe how ridiculous a certain person or object is

Also used to tease other cybernets around in popular social-networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, where one leaves comments saying the picture is jiral, because the photographer intentionally took it so it'd be humorous yet in a bullshit-like way
Doing stupid funny shit for the hell of it knowing that yur making a dumbass out of yurself but you dont care cus its funny to both you and the opposite party

"Omg.....why's she so jiral. look at her. tell her to fucking stop

"Cut your fuckin jiral who the fuck do you think you are. Dont front you fake-ass"

"AHAHAH omg this pic is so JIRAL wow gtfo"
by Robster Lobster January 2, 2009
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Another variation of Jiral, made by the Jonathan House Chess Champion Kevin Kim in 2018, giving Jonathan the honor award of title: JM(Jiral Master). It is often used to hide the world jiral from Koreans.
You are Jirale.
Stop jiraling
I am jirale
by 69Kim January 31, 2018
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Very simple definition:
Jirale Master is the servant of the Master Chess player in Korea named Kevin Kim.
Jirale Master also is a very rich guy.
Jason: Hey, have you seen the Jirale Master?
Dohyun: Yeah, I did. Isn't he the servant of the Master Chess player Kevin Kim?
Jason: Yeah, he is.
by ThatUrbanNinja6969 March 5, 2018
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It's a girl's name. People with this name are the most beautiful people in the world both inside out, but they go crazy time to time. Beware you'd fall in love with the craziness too.
Jiral is kinda crazy but awesome
by WikiIndi November 24, 2021
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