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Jingletown officially known as Kennedy Tract. A neighbor in East Oakland located in the Fruitvale district at the bottom of Fruitvale ave or 29th ave or 23rd ave almost to Alameda. seperated from the rest of Oakland by the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks and the 880 freeway.

The area Got it's name because in the early 1900s many Portuguese and European and Latino workers that worked in the many Industrial jobs where paid in Change and there pants would jingle when they went home.

By the 1980s and 90s Jingletown became notorious for Gangs and Major Drug dealing. Gangs like Jingletown and E7th st and many Latino Drug dealers had made the area pretty dangerous. many shootings and homicides happened during that era.

In the 2000s the area began to experience a lot of Gentrification many of the old Factories and warehouses went out of business and where either turned into Liveand work lofts or where torn down and Condos were built instead. although there are still a lot of Latinos in the area. many white Artist Yuppie hipster types are now living in Jingletown messing things up for Latinos and Working class people.
E7th st Chapman st Ford st Glascock st are all part of Jingletown even if the people on that side don't admit it lol.

Vato 1. "You from Jingletown".

Vato 2. "Naw i'm from E7th st".

Dude one. "where you from in the Town".

dude 2. "i'm from Jingletown"
by Oakland Latinos united December 18, 2012
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