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Jinaya is a beautiful girl she smart but shy at times she get quiet but that don't mean she mad she's absorbing she is a very easy person to make upset so just treat her right and she will be your friend till the end she not a fighting person but when it comes down to it she will show you her bad side
Jinaya you are funny

Hey want to be friends

Your beautiful Jinaya
by Nashelle May 20, 2017
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Jinaya is beautiful & very talented she is shy when you first meet her but she turns out to be funny & a great friend she is a person that takes so much of something and then turn evil people look up to her she is a leader not so much as a follower of yeah and jinaya she can dress
Jinaya your so beautiful
How are you so good at that
Omg Jinaya I love your dress
by Nashelle May 27, 2017
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Ji'naya is very very ugly and it is also a lesbian name and all the guys hate her she is the annoyingist person you will ever meet.Also she smells like onions
Boy 1:eww do you smell onions?
Boy2:did you walk by ji'naya?
Boy1:that explains everything
by Hailey and nela March 18, 2017
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