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A term derived from a day on skype where JinSeng, a member of a forum called Youtube Chorus kept repeating, "I like turtles" whenever there was an awkward silence. The term Jin likes turtles was coined when there was an awkward silence, and Jin is not there. It is a term anyone can use to fill in an awkward silence, and possibly change the subject when you run out of things to talk about.

I like turtles, the phrase Jin would repeat, came from a very popular youtube video where a little boy with zombie facepaint, was asked, "What do you think about this carnival?", and he replied with, "I like turtles." It has become a viral video across the web.
Ex 1.

Person 1: "So, once I met this person who kept talking to me, and I liked them, but they were gay!"

*awkward silence*

Person 2: Jin likes turtles.
by Jay_Shay November 21, 2010
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