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is a mad, crazy s.o.b but they are sexy as they come. They drive people around him insane but have something about him that makes you just fall in love with him
e.g. JIMIT- hires hookers to flirt with his friends just for his own amusement
by ssss-22 December 23, 2009
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the most retardest and craziest person youll ever find. this person loves to copy everything this one person does. he just never seems to leave her alone. he's also is the biggest fob alive cuz he loves to do garba in the middle of the night all by himself. he likes to wear pink flower underwears and is also great at making people laugh and is a very loveable person. sigh what would you do without a jimit!
by mehtapat May 23, 2009
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To go to bed early, especially in the case of missing the late night NFL game.

Alternatively, intentionally missing your own team on TV in order to go to bed.
"I can't be arsed to watch the late game, I might just do a Tim and Jim it."
by FootballFan91 January 04, 2009
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a fagget that punches u in the face if u wake him up. he may also roundhouse kick you just because he's a chuck norris wanna be. also symtoms of YOU being a jimit are

1. being a retard and doing stupid things
2. having corny jokes
3. u like never shave and ur hair is always messy.
4. u maybe have tortettes and touch men's asses
5. u play WoW and warcraft 3 or many rts games.
6. ur an overall geek that is lazy and would rather play halo 3 than do ur SAT pratice.
7. u are very possesive
8. u make ur little brother ur personal slave.
dude stop acting like a jimit u fag.
by AnimeFreakXD January 16, 2008
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