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A request for a freaky and fast sexual encounter.
Karen; "We have 10 minutes between class, lets go up on the roof and you can jim my johns"
by rnnrdad November 19, 2015
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I sweet ass sub shop with the most delicious french bread ever. Everything is fresh cut in the shop including all the meat and veggies and the bread is baked in the shop too.
They just so happen to have a store in Marquette, MI if your ever travelling through.
Person 1:"Hey man what are you getting from Jimmy Johns."
Person 2:I was like "Bitch, gimme a number 5 with peppers and maybe a pickle."
by kelly January 08, 2008
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A delicious, submarine sandwich, making company with a location in Athens, OH.
Damn that vito from jimmy johns was fucking sweet!
by lil jon April 10, 2005
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Dude, I saw Meghan stop by your apartment yesterday afternoon, but she left a few minutes later.

She just wanted to Jim my John between classes.
by rnnrdad January 23, 2016
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Sexual frustration built up between a Jim and a John. That leads to a near unconsenual, rough, angry, anal ramming.
John just got home from college and started an argument with Jim. The argument led to a Jimmy John.
by The manliest November 17, 2017
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