Former pro wrestling manager, Booker, and commentator who is well known for his searing shoot interviews.
Man, did you see Jim Cornette's latest interview?
Yeah, he tore Vince Russo a new one!
by SomeGayKid June 22, 2017
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One of the best managers, bookers and overall personalities in wrestling history. While currently retired from the wrestling business, Cornette owns a podcast that led him to become one of the most listened and most subscribed wrestling personalities on YouTube.

While one of the best talkers in wrestling history, Jim Cornette is perhaps best known for his outspoken criticisms with modern wrestling (especially in WWE and AEW), most notably hardcore wrestling, cartoonish and goofy gimmicks, videogame-based movesets in the ring, performers who constantly break kayfabe and never take the business seriously (a.k.a "wrestlers" who prefer sports entertainment than actual wrestling), and modern wrestling fans who support all of the above.

Last, but not least, he is known for having outbursts when talking about people he hates the most, most of them that belong (or belonged) in the wrestling business. Some of the notable examples are: Vince Russo (the number one on his list, also identified by Cornette as 'shit stain' or 'the Archbishop of Talentbury'), Kevin Dunn, Ed Ferrara, John Laurinaitis, Greg the Office Boy (from Ring of Honor), Jim Herd, Tim Horner, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Joey Janella (a.k.a "Jelly Nutella"), Marko Stunt, Donald Trump and all republicans.
Hardcore wrestling fan: "Bro, I loved seeing Jon Moxley sticking a fork on that guy's head! That was awesome!"
Jim Cornette: "How about I stick a fork up your ass, you mother******!"
by DiogoAttitude June 1, 2023
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