A fatass, nicely rolled joint wit some dank nugget.
yo im about to spark up this jibbah you gonna hit dis?
by ya boy Justin May 31, 2006
Another word for a cigarette which contains marijuana instead of tobacco. Usually hand rolled, by the time one is done smoking the jibbah they are usually quite stoned aka being high. The left over part of the jibbah is known as a roach and is often saved for times when one's marijuana supplies are low. Marijuana can be enjoyed socially or by one's self. Side effects include - uncontrollable laughing, over eating especially of sweet or salty foods, cotton mouth, becoming very thirsty, sleepiness, and more often then not it makes things that are amusing become fascinating. People who part in smoking jibbahs are usually happy and they future actions are predicatable and go as follows
1. Talk and Laugh, and partake in some activity
2. Eat and drink
3. Smoke more jibbahs
4. Talk and laugh again.
5. Eat a small meal
6. Go to sleep.
It is generally agreed that marijuana is a alternitive to drinking, and people are often easier to handle when stoned as compaired to people who are drunk, because in general people who are high just laugh, and you don't have to worry about them being a drunk asshole who wants to try and kick your ass.
Towel "Wanna go get high?"

Aaron "Hey man, you wanna go light up this jibbah?"
Kyle "Hell yea man, I'm down!"
Fat Kyle "EEEEEEEEEE I've been waiting for this all day."
smoking of the jibbah takes place.
Now none of the food in any of their houses is safe!

Kyle 1 "Hey Kyle u wanna smoke this jibbah?"
Kyle 2 "Dude, when am i not down for smoking?!?! Come on light up it!"
Kyle 1 "No I think I'll wait now and smoke this later to my head."
Kyle 2 "COME ON DUDE!!!"

by MoonSunStar April 8, 2008