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A word used, mostly by gentiles (non-Jews), to refer to the Star of David, or the six-pointed star.
Usually used in good-humored jest.
Stacy: "I'm gonna draw a Jewstar!"
by Bearpelt AKA Mage June 16, 2009
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Star of David, often referred to as the Jew Star. If you have a Jew Star on you/near you you are a will be cremated/burned/shot/raped while Germans are laughing their ass off.
Big Bob: How do you fit 100 Jews in car?

Anne Frank: IDK how?

Big Bob: 2 in the front, 2 in the back and 96 in the ash tray.

Anne Frank: ...

Jew Star
by sko7 May 02, 2009
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to throw at Magen David (Star of David), otherwise known as Solomon's Star or six-pointed star, at one's enemy.
Chris: Eddie! Watch out! Tyler's gonna suck your blood! Quick, Jew-star him!

Eddie throws a Magen David at Tyler and completely turn the vampire into dust.

Eddie: Yes!~
by Sockbopper February 05, 2010
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