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An amazing girl who is a wonderful kisser, and usually wants to travel the world. She is usually always cold, so be sure to warm her up if you're with her. She usually has beautiful curly hair and a smile that will give you butterflies. She has the most amazing body, so control yourself! Her personality looks just as good as she does, so make sure you know both of them! She will always love you no matter what you do and you better do the same to her, because if you lose her you'll never find anything better!
Awsome, great, loyal, amzing person. Has lots of passion there for knows how to treat people. They are romantic, and nice. They can be flirts, but not mean wrong they consume the people arA very intelligent, talented and artistic individual; also very caring and generous. She is easy to fall in love with, and difficult to fall out of love with. It is difficult to win her heart because she does not fall in love easily, but when she does, you will have her forever. She is confident in herself and her abilities. She may act apathetic, and even sometimes cruel, to avoid showing how she really feels. She shows what she wants you to see.
ound them with there bright energize and smile.
Girl: Whats so great about her?
by that guy hat lovdef November 13, 2011
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