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A wallet with only single dollar bills and loose change inside.
"Your wallet resembles one of a jewish bankroll, so afraid to part with your big bills, only singles."

"Why are you picking up pennies, are you gonna add to your jewish bankroll?"
by Peshotto September 18, 2007
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when you have a big fat wad of money and it looks like you have alot of cash, buts its really all mostly ones and maybe some fives.
I bet that stripper is going home with a jewish bank roll tonight!
by Sarah Lambert March 04, 2008
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A big bill such as a $20 or a $100 wrapped around a roll of $1 bills in order to make it look like more money than it actually is.
I owed Don Giovanni 15 G but didn't have time to come up with the money, so I tossed him a jewish bankroll wrapped up in a c-note and got the hell out of there before he knew what hit him.
by Nick D February 19, 2004
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