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A mob of fanatical, racist and xenophobic Jewish extremist with serious mental problems . They hate everyone:
nazi, communists, democrats, liberals, socialist, leftist, muslims, catholics, Poles, Atheist, Latvian people, Croats, Albanians gays, blacks, arabs and everyone who disagree with their absurd views.
Their favourite ''hero''is Victor Vancier aka Chaim Ben Pesach who loves camera in front of his face. He does his childish rants, and mask it as a free speech (ironically Jewish Task Force is against democracy and free speech), Then they post hundreds of his videos on youtube and then masturbate on them. They also love pointing their fingers at the monitor
laughing like children when blocking comments to everyone besides JTF supporters. They also have official forum which blocked IP's of the ''nazi countries'' like Latvia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Palestine, Bosnia, some parts of Serbia, Albania etc.

While they are not worshipping their hero Pesach, they are worshipping war criminals (those officially proclaimed guilty for slaughtering civilians) like Baruch Goldstein, American (USA) and NATO war criminals

Final conclusion:JTF is a twisted, modern form of the worst extremism that ever existed.

As nazis were a plague which was necessary to purge, so is JTF and Jewish-Zionist extremist
Jewish Task Force zealot: you gay nazi muslim nigger

Me: I am neither gay, nazi, muslim or black. But thanks for proving my point.

Another Jewish task Force zealot: You are a nazi in disguise!!!! (enter_nation)-(enter religion) has no place in this world.
Me: Why I am even trying to have a civilised discussion with hateful modern nazis who support genocide and ethnic cleansing ?
JTF: lower race, nazi spawn, I spit on your nazi grandparents who murdered Jews. You should done everyone a favour and put your sorry (enter nation) ass to ''sleep''
Me: (shocked and not responding)
by Humanus July 28, 2010
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The Jewish Task Force JTF is the greatest organization ever.
In your heart you know we're right and in your guts you know they're nuts. Join the Jewish Task Force! Shalom!
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
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