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A cross between a jewfro and a mohawk. The hair on the sides of the head are shaved, leaving the curly goodness of the jewfro in a strip down the middle. A simpler styling would be a jewfauxhawk, a cross between a jewfro and a fauxhawk. Obviously, curly hair is required, hopefully caused by a jewish heritage.

It may or may not be possible, but if this legendary hairdo exists, it would, without a doubt, be awe-inspiring.
Jew Lover 1: i would love to see that Seth Goldberg wear a Jewfrohawk.
Jew Lover 2: Yeah, or maybe Eli Cohen. I mean, their jewfros are already so orgasmic i'm not sure if their hair would improve or just get worse!
Jew Lover 1: You know what would be EVEN COOLER? If Kyle from Southpark tried that 'do!!
Jew Lovers 1, 2 & 3: YEAH!
by sp00kish July 02, 2009
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