Someone who is a very manipulative, stingy, penny-pinching, self-righteous snob. Snobby is optional, yet adds to the Jew factor. This term does not mean the person is an actual bastard of a Jewish parent. When the term "Jew" doesn't fit, adding "Bastard" is equivalent to underling the word "Jew".

Jew Bastard also represents an actual Jew that thinks their religion is superior to others, either speaking openly or doing so through actions.

Jew Bastard is the ultimate rape word for someone who is cheap, or will do anything to not throw a coin at anything. Cutting costs by cheating and lying. The term Jew and the act of being stingy is by no means an accident.
Alex stole utensils from Denny's to use in his home, and then continued to berate the waitress for no reason, and failed to leave a tip. In essence Alex is the biggest Jew Bastard to walk the earth on two feet.
by Ethics Warrior July 19, 2008
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Anyone imitating, emulating, agreeing with, or not annoyed by a particular dumbass, also known as Lord Packum's the Squire. Sometimes seen "Jewing" on fellow members of the D.S. or vegetating and making ignorant "Jewish" remarks in the most inappropriate of places. Often "Jewing" the final hits from a piece even when it is obvious it is beattums. Acts of Jew-bastardism are punishable by the loss of a singe golden star. It is no accident the act "Jewishness," for all true Jew Bastard stem from the motherland of Greece. Symptoms include stupid grins, random babbling, and the habitual loss and failure to comply with the game of Nose Goes.
FATHER:: "God Dammit, someone spilled a million fucking nerds in back of my S.U.V., and started using my cup holders as ashtrays."

Daughter:: "OMG! What a fucking Jew Bastard."

Father:: "You tell that Jew Bastard, that if he doesn't clean up the nerds and stop ashing in the cup holders, I'm going to cut off his little Jew Bastard balls!"
by SpeedJunkies March 26, 2009
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