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Puerto Rican Slang for "boyfriend". Jevos can also be considered some guy you're going out with but nothing official, a friends with benefits, or a fuck buddy. Depends on the situation and the person really as everyone has their own life style. Jevos are also boyfriends of whom you know you won't be with for a long time, aka a friend with benefits.
Girl 1: "Oye nena, quien es ese?" (Hey gurl, who is that?)
Girl 2: "Ah, es mi jevo" (Ah, he's my jevo)
by boricuachick September 05, 2009
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Puertorican slang for an attractive guy or "hottie".

This word also means casual guy you're dating.
"Wow girl, that dude is a super jevo."


"Who is that jevo over there?
by Bumlolly February 16, 2018
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