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Used in many situations of intense feelings of good or bad. Since christians don't like using the lords name in vain, I would suggest not saying this in a church. Other uses :Holy Shit, FUCK, JESUS CHRIST
Bad. I got ANOTHER flat tire. Jesus tapdancing Christ!.
by Slap Jackin October 17, 2004
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A reason to shout out this word is..To be in utter Dismay, to see something so insanely intense, You'll shit bricks for a week, Handicapping you to walk like you have a dildo shoved up your ass.

Warning: Saying this word may cause you to tap dance uncontrollably, like how Bill Cosby says "God Dammit!", or "Jesus Christ!", even as much as how he slurs his speech, which sounds like he has a dildo shoved down his throat.
Little Sally: Hiya Little Billy!

Little Billy: Hey Sally!

*Sally gets Orbital nuked, while being eaten by the Kool-Aid Man*

Little Billy: Holy Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!

*Billy shits bricks, Tap-Dances home with dildo shoved up his ass, and tells parents about what happened to Sally which then causes a 'Brick-Shitting Chain Reaction*
by PwnCakez November 08, 2009
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blasphemous, explitive, expression of disgust, or frustration. may be used in place of explitives such as 'god damn it.'
"what, I have to provide an example, jesus tap dancing christ!"
by slaingod July 02, 2006
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I word originating for the character Mr. Garison from South Park meaning the same as "Good mother of Michal Jackson!!"
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
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An exclamation showing extreme surprise, anger, frusteration, or pain. Because it is mildly blasphemous, it should be used only under the most extreme of negative situations.
I think my left not just got run over by a car...JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST!
by Crazy Dick July 04, 2003
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