1. A girl who is in love with Jesus to an extreme to where she is really fucking annoying. 2. A girl who constantly attends church, but is a total slut. 3. A girl that knows more about dick and Jersey Shore than she does about her own religion. 4. A girl who's idea of God is about as empty and shallow as her vagina.
I'm going to punch that Jesus Bitch in the face if she doesn't shut up!" "Go hump a bible like your man-whore, Jesus Bitch!" "I bet the Jesus Bitch would suck cock for the offering."
by churchpeopleareannoying April 06, 2011
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A woman who freely gives men blow jobs and then in her shame and guilt, yells it out in public places to justify her crazy basic bitch behavior.
Jesus's bitch almost got me caught up with my wife last night at the bar.
by I'm not your wife January 17, 2017
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