Myspace Jesse is and was one of the hottest guys ever to be on myspace. He was extremely popular and almost every girl in the world wanted him. He is more popular than Justin Bieber. No one ever will be more popular or hotter than myspace Jesse. He defines God.
See that guy over there, he's a wanna be myspace jesse.
by jessemichaelnj January 15, 2012
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1. When you laugh at the joke for 5 minutes before the punchline.

2. When you drop your chicken on the ground.

3. When you pat your hair when you're nervous.

4. When you watch mychonny 99 times and you laugh each time.
jess: You know what happened?!
lucy: what?
jess: HAHAHAH.
5 minutes later...
jess: She walked into a wheelbarrow!
lucy: chucking a jess

jess: Oh no! My chicken fell again! -sniff-
lucy: chucking a jess

jess: The canteen ripped me off 5 cents.
person 2: Go get it back!!
jess: *head down* *sniffs* *pats hair*
person 2: chucking a jess
by turtle-paws February 07, 2012
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A very large woman, who considers her self a BBW however looks and smells just like a creature from the swamp. A woman who doesn't keep up with person hygiene, and could definitely shave, and washer her cooch and what she considers her fupa. 10/10 chance she was in a high school drama club, so she thinks she can sing (lord help us). 10/10 chance she will have a vest friend Dakota/Cody/Koda. Probably hangs out at local bar where she hopes to take the lives of young drunk transgender men and anorexic blondes named probably named Ashley/ diamond/ Andrea. Will spike your drink. Cannot fight her own battles so she likes to involve her friends or her father. Will tell you she's suicidal if you threaten to leave her. Best way to avoid this woman is to run far, far away.
She told me her name was Jess but she looks more like a BIG JESS.

Did you see BIG JESS at karaoke night? I thought she was drunk but it just turns out she can't sing.

BIG JESS is telling everyone I'm her boyfriend, man she's crazy.
by Oops 🤭 July 28, 2020
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Calm, cool, collected and rational DOE member.
Usually blonde, a mammal and highly hydrated.
OMG, this is exactly why i don't listen to others bullshit until i know the facts. Just doing the jess until i know what's up.
by Cee o June 17, 2020
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When faced with this lethal effect, one might experience one or many of the following symptoms:

Loss of breath

Not knowing if you should feel insulted or not

Sudden mental retardation
Random girl: "I don't know if he likes me or not, he's sending a lot of signals."
Random girl's friend: "Oh no, you're just suffering from The Jesse Effect."
by creampie6969 July 02, 2017
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