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Strong, loyal, protective, artistic, will sacrifice himself so others don't go without. His kindness is unlike any other but so is his temper. Those who are on the side of his love will never want to leave, those who are on the side of his rath will wish they could leave but for some reason are drawn to him anyway. Compassionate, understanding, great fighter but also gives good advice. Very sexy, his eyes look straight into your soul. There is no other like him. He does not open up easily but the lucky girl that wins his heart is treated like the queen she is. He recognizes his soulmate and makes sure she knows it. She is spoiled by him but also knows that she must spoil him in return. There is no greater love story then Jerson, the king, and his queen.
Q: How did she get so lucky to wind up with Jerson when so many before her failed?
A: Jerson always knew he would recognize his queen when she finally came along, in his eyes no other can compare.
Statement: She is one lucky girl, there is no one else like Jerson.
Statement: She knows it too, there will be no other for him because she will never let him go, they are true soulmates. J&H
by La Reina de Jerson April 12, 2013
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A brown Mexican that goes to Menlo Atherton High School in NORCAL that is famous for licking everybodys penis and balls clean like a black guy with fried chicken mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh.
"Hay be a jerson and suck me up!"

"No homo, dont be gay and stop being a jerson"

Dont be a Jerson and reject this definition because he really exist.
by Not Hector or Maximiliano April 06, 2011
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