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A Girl who is flirtatious and willing to settle down!She is caring, and antisocial! She only conversates with a few! She Goes Crazy Over Light Skinned Guys With Swag! Never cheats in games or relationships! Very Talented and OutSpoken! Sometimes she tends to act shy or flirtatious around the one she likes! Very good dancer!& can sing but only very little has ever heard her sing! Fine As Hell With A Bigg Butt!&& most of all Plays hard to get! && GOOFY!
Jerlayah: Ahaha
Boy: What Upp?
Jerlayah: Umm Nothing! Books!
by 0_0>> July 06, 2011
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Not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively, and changeable,Easily persuaded to believe something; easily infuenced
Flirtatious and self-indulgent
The finer things in life
The quality of being friendly and lively
Lack of fairness or justice
brutish behavior - beastly: resembling a beast
Boy :Daaang Who Dat?
Boy #2 : Thats JERLAYAH, She Aint Easy Bruh!
Boy : I think she cute, I Wanna meet her!
Boy # 2 : Go For It!

EX # 2:
Boy: Jerlayah Stunted out, ion wanna Mess Widd Her No More!
Girl: No she not, maybe you aint trying hard enough! Make her Not Shy Around You! Make her Not So Stunted Out!
Boy: We dont conversate no more!
Girl:Mane, Talk to her, you dont know what you missing out on Get her back,Dont mess with them other Hoochies!
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