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1. Someone who thinks they being a jokester, but they are being a jerk. 2. When a jerk tries to be funny, but it doesn't work.
Chris thought he was being a funny jokester all morning long with his antagonizing words towards Andrea, Andrea thought he was being a jerk. Chris was not funny or a jokester, he was being a jerkster.
by freekin4u June 02, 2015
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a person who used to be your best friend for a really long time. and then turned into a mean backstabbing friend who treats you like crap. only you might have trusted them with your secrets and feelings which gives them something to use against you, because they know you and what are your dreams goals and fears. they use these against you.
Paul used to be our best friend before he turned into a jerkster.

Hey, Jenny remember our ex best friend Lilia?
Yeah she has turned into a jerkster.
by ninjadrew:) December 30, 2010
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