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Jerk Off Snowboarders, also called JOS's are some of the biggest douche bags you'll ever meet. They are almost as obnoxious as people who drive Hummers. The name comes from the fact that they are downright jerks, and they love snowboarding so much, that they could jerk off to it if they wanted to. Their major goal in life is to go pro (no pro snowboarder is a JOS).

The Style of a JOS: JOS's can be seen wearing the latest snowboarding gear. They have jackets and pants that match their board, bandanas, tinted goggles, gore tex gloves, and helmets. They have their own boards, usually the most expensive out there.

The behavior of a JOS: JOS's are as obnoxious, as they get. They like to yell and scream, usually while speeding down the trails, thus distracting the other people around them. They also like to watch people get hurt, and will drop snow on you from the lift, if they get the chance. If you bump into one on a trail, they will push you down and throw snow on you. If you fall on a trail, they will either use you as a human jump, or jump over you. They are disrespectful, and absolutely hate skiers. They can be found on any mountain, hitting up the terrain park, all day long.
(A kid goes off a jump and falls)

Jerk Off Snowboarder: Fucking Fag! If you're gonna do something, then do something good! And get a nice board like mine! Get a Burton, not that shitty rental!

Other Kid: Dude, why don't you leave me alone and go jerk off to some snowboarding videos? Get a fucking life, that doesn't revolve around snowboarding.

Jerk Off Snowboarder: Fuck you! (Gets on his board and speeds away)
by AllDayLong1337 March 10, 2009
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