Jeremy Soule is a composer that has written music for over sixty video games and several other works over his career. He is deemed as the "John Williams of video game music".

His most notable works are his scores in The Elder Scrolls Scrolls Series (Bethesda has employed Soule for almost all of their Elder Scrolls Series Games, starting at Morrowind (which was released in 2002) and has continued to up to this current day, his most popular Elder Scrolls Series Works are from Skyrim), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (critics noted that the soundtrack sounded like something John Williams would compose himself for Star Wars) and the Guild Wars series.

Jeremy became interested in music when he was five. As a kid, he believed that a video game experience could be greatly enhanced by having a better musical score.

Jeremy's talents at times do not get the praise it deserves (Many Skyrim players have never even heard of his name, despite Skyrim being Soule's best scores). Jeremy operates social media profiles himself on Facebook and Twitter where he has 65,000 likes and 6,000 followers respectively. Jeremy is very friendly and interactive with his fans for someone of his reputation. He converses often with his fans on both sites.
Guy 1: Skyrim has some great soundtracks, I get chills every time I listen to them
Guy 2: Jeremy Soule's Watchman's Ease also gives me chills
Guy 1: Who's that?
by gimme the money July 27, 2016
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