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A funny girl. Really smart, and usually doesn't act her age.(whether it be acting older or younger)Jennifer's have amazing eyes, and love to laugh and smile. They generally enjoy the finer things in life. They have trouble showing their feelings, and take sometime to warm up to new people. They don't trust easily, but that shouldn't stop you from trusting them, they are very trustworthy. They need someone who will listen to them and give their honest opinion. Jennifer's are very blunt, and speak their minds often. They are caring and usually very sexy. They know how to flirt in a very subtle way that drives men crazy. They know how to get what they want. Jennifer's are very good friends and make better girlfriends.
Me: did you meet that girl Jennifer Lynn?
You: no, what about her?
Me: i heard she is an amazing girl.
You: really that's cool.
Me: Yeah and.. Jenny will you go with me to homecoming?
by NickWealsey September 15, 2011
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