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A Jeneen is a girl you can count on. She's the nice girl that everyone likes. She's the first one to get balloons for her birthday in high school. She's athletic, smart, and musically inclined, spending her time equally between soccer, studying, and band camp. She's not one of THOSE band camp girls, though. Jeneens who sit next to you inevitably become your best friend. They aspire to a higher calling, pursuing a profession that requires a lot of heart and a strong constitution.
"One time, in band camp..." Oh, never mind. Jeneen was there!

"Thank goodness she has balloons with her name on them for her birthday. I would never know how to spell 'Jeneen'."

"Oh, she's a Jeneen. Of course, she'll grow up to be a veterinarian. Talk to her about dogs and she'll be your friend. And if you need your turtle's head to come out of it's shell, she'll poke it in the ass for you (from 'The Truth about Cats and Dogs,' with Janeane Garofalo)."
by pureecstasy February 04, 2010
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A Jeneen is a girl with so much kindness and pettiness in her heart at the same time. A jeneen is also that girl where youautomatically turn into her best friend just by sitting next to her. A Jeneen also can kill for food. A Jeneen is not the type of person you talk to in the morning.
by Gigidavid December 15, 2016
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