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2) A person, regardless of gender, whose love of all things green, eco, sustainable, organic, local, global and fun show up in all they do. On a regular basis they are spreading yummy goodness where ever they go. A Jelly Queen can be counted on to fill your belly while feeding your mind and soul.
Dinner at the Jelly Queen's house for the Fairy King and the Elf King, was a feast to never be forgotten and really should be enjoyed regularly.
by Jelly Queen June 17, 2016
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A person, regardless of gender, that undulates in the ether as a monarch of themselves and anyone who decides to join the gelatinous ethnology of the jellies. Life generally includes incredibly loud music, too much dancing, innumerable sunrises, food fit for royalty, dirt, and lot and lots of ♥ love ♥
As the sun rose over the playa, carrying the musics' beats in its rays, the Jelly Queen jelled in her sea of contentment.
by TokieBear October 20, 2009
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