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Jekkster is the name for those of supreme omnipotence. They typically tend to laze around, as they enjoy living peaceful and humble lives..mostly to chuckle at human ignorance. While they can change reality in any way they want, they love to feel pain and misery, as it's something they grew up with. The most comprehensive way to explain him is "God" to human beings, but in reality, is something much greater.
In short, Jekksters are the best, most perfect beings in existence. They also have quite hugh mungous penises.
"Hey, that Jekkster guy sure is awesome."
by The Mumen Rider November 19, 2016
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A scumbag youtuber lesbian look queer who thinks that he is good at Rainbow Six Siege
Oh look, Jekkster just died to a copper player
by Bioptic May 16, 2018
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