Louisville, Kentucky is one of the best kept secrets in Kentucky. Most who are not from Louisville think it's a silly place, while those who were born and raised can say its nice in its own respect. It has many flaws a lot of chumps, and kids who think they are SO COOL, mainly in the Highlands area but as a whole its a pretty cool place to live.

Except in the summer. In the summer Louisville is drenched in humidity and 90 degree weather and should be avoided at all costs.
You were born in Louisville, Kentucky? What are you, a hick?

by Thwap June 30, 2009
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1. The most awesome city in Kentucky

2. The largest city in Kentucky
Dude, you're from Louisville, Kentucky! That makes you AWESOME!
by Uberjoe19 September 18, 2008
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Easily the greatest and most passionate rivalry in all of sports. It is between the only two major colleges in the state of kenctucky, and is easily the most hyped game by the fans all year. Unlike other rivalries like UNC-Duke and Sox-Yankees, the cards and cats only play once a year for all of the marbles. The rivalry heated up when Pitino who once saved the UK program took the Louisville job, and recently brought them to a final four.
UK fan:UK is best ever, cuz they have 5 all americans coming in.
UL fan:thats BS , tubby sucks and cant coach, all you have is a bunch of white trash.
UK fan:dude, my cousin is HOT!

louisville vs. kentucky is best
by bbfubfbbf April 20, 2006
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