A gremlin most known in his roles in Starkid productions, such as Trail To Oregon (which he wrote!) as the father, Holy Musical B@man! as Sweet Tooth, Twisted as Aladdin, and The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals as Mr Davidson and Sam. He has a scarily wide vocal range, he is 5'7, and he is 35 years old.
Person one: Jeff Blim frightens me.
Person two: How can such a small man have that much chaotic energy?
Person three: I agree, he needs to stop terrorizing Jon Matteson and Robert Manion}.
by Albertdoesnteatglass October 17, 2019
Jeff Blim is an actor, singer, writer, composer, and lyricist. He is largely known for his work with Team Starkid, notably having performed in Holy Musical B@man, A Very Potter Senior Year, Twisted, Trail to Oregon, The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, Black Friday, and Nightmare Time. He's written the music and lyrics for TGWDLM, Black Friday, Nightmare Time, and Trail to Oregon, as well as co-writing the book to Trail to Oregon with Nick and Matt Lang.
Some of his additional work largely includes playing Paul Gauguin in the musical Starry, playing Chuck and understudying Ren in the 2008 national tour of Footloose, and appearing as Jonah in Royalties, alongside many other smaller projects/shows. He also hosts a podcast with his friend Jon Matteson called Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour.
While having a more "chaotic" internet presence (mostly around 2016-2019), he's been leaning away from the chaotic persona and beginning to become more private, while still interacting with fans through 1-on-1 lessons and workshops through Artists and Beyond in 2020.
Person 1: Hey, do you know who Jeff Blim is?
Person 2: Of course! He wrote all of the music and lyrics for the Hatchetfield series, right?
Person 1: Yep! As well as the music in Trail to Oregon!
by waterlillymiller November 11, 2020
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P1: Wanna watch Twisted?
P2: Yeah, have you seen Jeff Blim as Aladdin?
P1: Yo, right, he has massive man-titties, right?
P2: Right, yeah, let's go
by JeffBlimIsHot December 15, 2022