A bunch of fat ugly cunts who like to fuck each other. Hey girls i have some pretty incriminating pictures. Sniff sniff... what do i smell ... must be TUNA coming from kelly and lesleys huge asses. I would much rather have a large butt than resemble humpty dumty or just be "big boned" that what you chubby girls like to use an excuse right well here's a hitnt get some clothes that fit and you wont look so damn sickening that when you walk by people start running to garbage cans.
Damn Jeblis is a bunch of fat cunts who cant play
by :) April 28, 2003
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A bunch off fat-ass wanabee punk rawkers that has a raunchy tuna smell pertruding from them every time they walk by. POOR LANCE, CAN YOU IMAGINE EATING THAT MOLDY FAT LOOSE HAIRY DISCUSTING CUNT?? EWWWW!!!!! baby got too much back on dat!!! where the hell did these guys learn to play they fucking suck!! thats what i wanna see is a bunch of fat girls attempting to play songs that they didn't write!!! if your going to cover a song don't make it sound like shit!
dude who is that? they are horrible!!!
ya they almost sound as bad as that Jeblis band!!!
by LOVE ME April 28, 2003
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