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Jeamiah is a beautiful girl😍💍, she slays 24/7💋💦 and is lit🤙🏾🔥 Jeamiah is smart🤓, happy😁, and strong💪🏾 Jeamiah won't let no one get to her👊🏾, Jeamiah also talks a lot and is weird🤡, silly🤡, And is very loud😌, She is also a terrific dancer 💃🏾 & singer👩🏾 🎤🎤. Jeamiah Loves her family sooooo much👨 👩 👧 👦💘 . Jeamiah favorite animals include 🦄🐒🐘. And last Jeamiah is caring a loveing☺️❤️, and don't care about the haters👉🏾🚪
You are deffinetly a Jeamiah cause u slay!
by Gerla April 21, 2017
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