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French phrase literally meaning "My name is Charlie" used as a motto for supporters of free speech in response to the terrorist attack on offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The attack was instigated by the newspaper satirizing Islamic leaders and the Muslim prophet Muhammad.
"Je suis Charlie" is the slogan for protests about the Hebdo attack.
by brdkperson_zg January 11, 2015
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Translated from French, means "I am Charlie". It is a slogan adopted in protest to a murderous January 7, 2015, attack on the Paris-based publication of "Charlie Hebdo". The attack was perpetrated by Islamic extremist in retaliation for the publication's lampooning of Mohammad. Over 4 million marched to the slogan, effectively standing up for every person's God-given right to be an obnoxious asshole.
I'd rather live free among assholes than slave among gentlemen. Je suis Charlie!
by Brianator37 January 12, 2015
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