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{Pronounced: JAZZ-UH-RE OR JAZZ-ER-E}
Jazzari is an kind-hearted person who dreams big and wants to try it all, taking the world for storm. Smart with a beautiful personality that is very easy to get along with. Sometimes it gets the best of her but she has the best intentions. She loves to love but hates to hate. Tends to talk alot and tells stories. Very talented. Sometimes over emotional (crying) but it's because she cares. And she takes it heart when she is hurt. She is a forgivable person and enjoys the little things in life. Huge smile, laughs at silly things and likes to do spontaneous stuff. Get on her bad side and you get a piece of her attitude and backtalk. ("True Story") Nicknames: Jazz, Jaz, Jazzyboo, Jazzy
Jazzari is Jazzari, what more can I say? Haha. True Story.
by Jazzari Taylor June 04, 2011
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