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One of the most feared beings in the history of man-time. He rains down and ungodly hellfire upon his enemies, but spares the daughters. His semen is known to blind the maidens and poison the Ladies of the Night. If you ever encounter him offer your daughter quickly, and with haste, for she may already be taken. It is also legend that if you repeat his name four times (because he hates odd numbers) he will appear and promptly rape your entire family tree. You can hear him if you listen hard enough, may thy never encounter this man. Harken.
He is here sire, Jaydolf has returned from beyond the rift for thy daughter!

Dost thou love life? Jaydolf doth not.

Got Jaydolf?

Jaydolf ist der Todwirbelsturm, der Feinde für besiegt, sexy Zeit mit den Damen zu machen!!
by Hinnehimel February 25, 2010
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