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Well-known internet carrier of genetic deficiency, famous for his ability in appearing as a complete idiot in every situation.
Rumors state that he's recently been the subject of a research conducted by the UDPH (Uranus Department of Public Health), for being the only known human being with a single brain cell.
"Can you resist a single second without trying to look like a total asshole, Javeman?"
"Javeman...Could you do us all a favor and just for one time please shut the f**k up?"
"No, Javeman, I've never considered having anal sex...why do you ask?"
"I think it's safe to state that this is yet another proof of Javeman's ever-growing stupidity."
by Soup el Cool December 19, 2006
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Toonzone member known for being the first Chilean person to join the forums. He is known for being faithful to the forums and defends it from trolls and spammers. Likes watching cartoons, playing videogames, and writing fanfiction.
"Preach on, Javeman, preach on."

"That's the best thing I've heard in years. Javeman, you get a point."
by Javier April 23, 2004
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