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(Full name) The Temple of Javaism

The Java equilvalant of Judaism. Javaism does indeed have a savior, so it is much different then Judaism but the aforementioned phrase still remains true. Javaism's God has three parts.

Father- Lord Gosling
Son - Josh Hennessey
Spirit - Javas Christ

All are supple names for the Javac God.

The religion was founed by a Bovellian named Dennis. A Zuppe or Zoop is also involved as well as Josh Hennessey himself. Another unidentified being has aided in the contstruction of this religion but it currently undefined at the time.

One who practices Javaism is called a Jav.
Javaism has just found its roots but already a conspiracy has spawned. That a Bovellian may be using it as a ploy for world dominatoin. The validity of this rumor is undecided.
Hey you stupid Jav! Got back to your temple and practice your dumb Javaism!
by Krispy March 31, 2005
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