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Jauron is a sweet and funny guy. Hes very kind and people usually take advantage of him because of his kindness. He has a great personality and if you ever lose him you might regret it. People usually take him for granted but jauron is one of the nicest people you meet he has alot of money and enjoys sports like football and baseball. Jauron is just an all around great person
Jauron is so kind
by Jackson108 April 20, 2017
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Jauron is fat, he only eats mcdonalds and he needs to lose some weight. he lips be chapped all the time and needs some fuckin carmax. he smells like burger grease.
by dylan the mexican June 01, 2016
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A Fat Kid Who Needs to Stop Eating Big Macs and Should be Called Big Show Because Everyone Is Entertained When He Walks In Cause they are so Surprised Of How Fat He Is... He is probably at McDonald's as you read this.
you are eating like jauron.
by Party Parker June 01, 2016
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